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Digital Dots is the only organisation of its kind in that it focuses exclusively on digital prepress and printing technologies with expertise in prepress and digital print technologies, as well as information technologies.

Our business is based on journalism, consulting, presentations and seminars, and bespoke publishing projects. Companies can work with Digital Dots in a variety of ways, as subscribers to Spindrift, as a publishing partner or associate, as a client, or in combination.

Content is the foundation of our business so we take it very seriously. It is our product and the basis of our revenues, so if you want to use Digital Dots’ content, we have a variety of commercial models to choose from.

About Digital Dots

Digital Dots is an independent graphic arts research company established in 1999. The company provides exclusive market research, testing and evaluation services for prepress and publishing applications.

Digital Dots also publishes Spindrift, the industry’s only independent, subscriber supported newsletter for the graphic arts, printing and publishing industries. Sounds stodgy and dull but it isn’t and subscribers love it!

Digital Dots is a founder of the Verdigris environmental initiative designed to raise knowledge and awareness levels within the printing industry.

Training & Consulting Services

We at Digital Dots advocate working according to standards in publishing and print media production workflows. Standards have been proven to reduce costs and waste, while enhancing quality. Properly implemented, they can also help and improve overall business performance. Shorter time to market is especially important for brand owners, but actually it’s important for any print buyer. It’s all about control over processes, time, costs and profitability.

We can assist in gap analysis, process auditing and training. Whilst we are often asked to speak at conferences and seminars on these topics, we can also provide bespoke training and implementation projects. Here are some examples of previously executed training and consulting projects:

  • Evaluating digital printing models for newspaper publishing.
  • How to optimise publishing processes for output quality and production efficiency.
  • What is the right proofing system for our business? Does softproofing work for us?
  • What benefits are there for print buyers and publishers to adopt ISO standards in their workflows?
  • Cross media seems to be the future, but how can our company control multiple printing and digital media devices? And what about mobile publishing and web content?
  • What is the best type or brand of monitor for our company and workflow? And how do we calibrate them?
  • Colour management crash course on how colour works, measuring and controlling colours for print and digital media output.
  • We want to be certified according to ISO 12647-2 (Process control for sheetfed offset). What do we need to do in order to succeed?

While some of the above can’t be done in a day or two, much of this type of work can be done in short, intense sessions. Contact us to discuss custom tailoring projects to your needs.

Digital Dots Client

Digital Dots Client