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Digital Dots is the only organisation of its kind in that it focuses exclusively on digital prepress and printing technologies with expertise in prepress and digital print technologies, as well as information technologies.

Our business is based on journalism, consulting, presentations and seminars, and bespoke publishing projects. Companies can work with Digital Dots in a variety of ways, as subscribers to Spindrift, as a publishing partner or associate, as a client, or in combination.

Content is the foundation of our business so we take it very seriously. It is our product and the basis of our revenues, so if you want to use Digital Dots’ content, we have a variety of commercial models to choose from.

Todd Brunner

Design, Production, Website Administrator

Todd Brunner is owner of the independent web development company, Squidworld. He has been at the forefront of site building since the mid 90s, having embraced the web at its inception. Previous to this, he was involved in interactive development for standalone games, presentations and corporate marketing materials.

Todd has a long term relationship with the graphic arts, having worked for and with companies in the industry since 1983. His design and layout work is reflected in all products and websites from Digital Dots, with whom he has worked since the company’s founding.

Digital Dots Client

Digital Dots Client