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Hey good looking - what is cooking?

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Digitally printed interior decoration has become quite a thing in the last few years, as technology made it possible to print textiles, wallpapers, even carpets and floors digitally and with ease. While opening a whole new world to professional designers and creative types, product safety becomes a significant question for Print Service Providers (PSPs) and their customers alike.

If you feel you would like a room with a purple zebra patterned carpet, yellow flowers on your wallpaper, and fresh apple green checkers on your bed sheets, you can go for it: digital wild format printing has made it possible to produce short-run or one-off products based on whatever wild design a customer could think of. There is no minimum order, no limitation on colours, no need for step-and-repeat: the ultimate freedom. Wise men (and women) have said that with freedom comes great responsibility, and this is even more true when it comes to interior design. After all, interior decoration items often are close to their owners’ hearts, lungs and skin, quite literally.

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Digital Dots Client

Digital Dots Client