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Spindrift - Volume 12, Number 9

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In the dryer - UV curable inks offer the offset world a fast drying solution for quick turnaround work. But now there are two further variations that offer lower energy consumption and potentially better image quality. Nessan Cleary looks at the options and their likely uses.

ProCo Not Loco - Laurel Brunner has been looking at colour management with ProCo, a British company that recently invested in GMG ColorServer and ColorProof. ProCo provides communications services to marketing companies across multiple channels including print. It relies heavily on standards to improve processes and has used the GMG software to generate more consistent results.

CMA Imaging revamped - Paul Lindström has been talking with Gerardo Cerros, who first founded CMA Imaging back in 2006 to offer high end colour management for packaging. The company went down with Ilford back in 2013 but Cerros has now relaunched it and here discusses his vision for the new company.

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Digital Dots Client

Digital Dots Client

Digital Dots Client