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SPP Full Set: Parts 1-4

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Document Preparation and Prepress
Prepress control is fundamental to high quality colour printing, but ISO 12647-2 covers only a few prepress sub-processes. Printers and their customers need to understand the basics of colour management and data exchange from file submission to preflight checking. SPP part 1 explains how to manage colour in the workflow, including device management and file formats.

Setting Up the Press
Understanding how the press performs determine most production quality parameters. There is much that can be done to optimise its behaviour. SPP part 2 explains how you can control colour appearance and other press related characteristics, for output to conventional or digital presses.

Quality Management
Quality control is fundamental to the success of any business. There are many ways in which a printing company can shout about its quality control using ISO 12647-2. COmpliance to this standard tells customers and prospects that a printer has processes under control and is serious about quality. SPP part 3 explains the basics of ISO 9001 and how they can be implemented step by step in order to achieve compliance to ISO 12647-2 and improved business performance.

Executive Summary
The SPP Executive Summary is for the people not directly involved in daily print media production or print buying. These are the people responsible for paying the costs of not implementing control parameters in print production. This document explains how ISO 12647-2 can help a business in commercial rather than practical terms.

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