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The first issue of Spindrift was published in 2003. Our goal was to provide objective, unbiased and entertaining technical content for graphic arts professionals. From the start, Spindrift was about sharing our ideas, insights, opinions and expertise with readers. For twelve years we have distributed Spindrift as a monthly PDF to subscribers all over the world, providing them summaries of the latest news, technology analyses and product tests and reviews. Our coverage includes how technology is used, quantifying business benefits, quality control and standards for digital workflows and output. We try to cover every aspect of managing graphics data from content development and file delivery, through to output to screen, printing plate or digital press.

What sets Spindrift apart in the printing and publishing industries is its unique subscription model. We take no advertising so we can drive our own agenda, independent of what advertisers want. This has led us into rocky territory rather more often than we’d like, but it has ensured our independence. It has also ensured a loyal and steadfast subscriber base. Over half of our subscribers have been with us since the first issue!

To improve services to our readers and widen our readership we have put Spindrift online. Subscribers get content updates more frequently and we have more flexibility to provide timely news analysis, commentary and feature articles.

Spindrift ended publication in 2021.

Browse this site to download archive issues of Spindrift.

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